short bio:

zach t power is a poet who has lived in over thirty different houses. he currently lives in provo canyon by a small river with three other people he loves. 


longer bio:

the first thing I can actually remember is sweating on a playground in arizona. i also remember (but don’t know which state i was at the time) using my first swear word (shit) when someone kicked a kickball ridiculously high. the first (i should mention that I’ve lived in thirty houses throughout my life) house I remember living in, happened to be the same house where our dog fortuitously broke the fence down at the same moment the neighbor girl was playing in her driveway in arizona. we became friends, at least until I moved to utah, which is a nice place to live. I moved to missouri where I played in a band in a basement, where I played the stuffed animal crane game at walmart before school, and where i wanted to drive an old rusted honda civic, but failed my driver’s test the first time around. i moved to idaho, where I went to the state drama tournament, also played in a band, also won the mr. eagle high school award for playing the guitar and doing a backflip off the stage, afterwhich I promptly moved back to utah, where I took a girl to homecoming and prom and then married her (not before going to australia for two years). i’ve since helped make two children, and i’ve turned my emptiness into writing. i’ll probably end up revising this bio, along with many other things, throughout the rest of my life. 

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